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What surprised me most about Sholder training?

Sholder virtues of being curious, knowing thyself, being empowered, connecting with intention, and letting love win really resonated with me.  Being a part of bringing these characteristics to our globe by building healthy, vital connections between people made my heart sing. But, whether it’s a course I’ve purchased, or a required training, there’s a trepidation that comes over me when first entering a new organization.  That familiar uneasiness hit when I entered my Sholder Foundations Workshop. 

What surprised me most, though, was how quickly the workshop facilitators created just what Sholder claims:  an incredibly safe space for all participants to relax into.  I sure did. There was no time at which I experienced being judged.  In fact, I felt valued and honored throughout the entire weekend. No fixing, no fitting myself into some nebulous “model sholder”  mold. Additionally, every person was treated with the same level of appreciation and respect.

While our group learned how to hold space, stay curious, be present and aware, I watched every attendee open up.  Age didn’t matter, nor did gender, profession, location, or lifestyle.  Our weekend community formed fast and strong.  We intuitively knew what courage this adventure required, and how much delivering Sholder’s gifts to the world meant to each of us.  An element of treating the whole process as sacred coursed through our interactions.  Wow.  We didn’t just “learn” skills, we practiced and embodied them quickly due to Sholder’s simple yet profound systems.  

For me, I breathed a sigh of relief at the lack of dogma.  Clean and straightforward, I was happy to know my focus truly would be presencing those I served instead of worrying about whether I fulfilled dozens of requirements.  I’ve been in too many situations where mountains of paperwork overrides putting clients first.  

As my time with Sholder continues, I’ve found that the spirit of that first weekend remains solid.  I’m energized every time I engage in a session, or group meeting. Gratitude for the gift of Sholder’s presence in my life continues to grow and assist me with every relationship in my life.

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