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Why The World Needs Sholder NOW

I write today from a general store’s wood top table, my feet resting on its ornate iron base. Hand hewn wood planks support us, scuffed by thousands of patrons’ feet exposing light wood through deep brown stain, edges rounded after decades of use.  Two octogenarians swap stories about filling burlap bags full of frogs for food as kids. “We never went hungry, but we ate lots of things” one comments to the other over a shared poor boy.  They are completely, delightfully, present with each other.

Want a hot drink?  A deli sandwich?  A fresh baked gluten free pie or quiche?  If you didn’t before you walked in, savory oven scents work their way into your soul.  Salt of the earth staff will then warmly take your order.  Not enough chairs at your table?  No problem, other patrons gladly offer their extras…or maybe their whole table if you need a bigger one than they do.

The authenticity, presence, and big heartedness of this sanctum are palpable.  I watch people’s shoulders drop, breath slow, as they enter through a bell tethered front door.  Then, connection…. with the vibe, with friendly greetings… in a safe zone of trust.  There’s no question how it goes here. Only a unique sweetness, service without agenda save that of knowing….knowing this experience elevates ALL participants…a touch of heaven on earth fostered by unconditional love and acceptance.  If your timing is good, you can even fetch a free slice of pay it forward pie….yep, it’s free.

For much of the world, recent global happenings caused unanticipated levels of isolation.  During that time, decisions were made about what we hold most dear.  Data suggests, we put human connection at the top of the list.  But how?  General store experiences seem the exception rather than the rule, and that’s not even including dicey family or business mine fields of communication.  

What else topped our list of desires?  Freedom.  Freedom to work from home, have a flexible schedule and self time.  In essence, our evolution is birthing an additive culture.  We want real, authentic connection and time to actually live a fulfilled life on our own terms.

By definition, fulfillment is a personal process.  No guru can show us the way to ourselves.  We must clear the path to our own empowered perfect self expression.  But, how do we get to what is so desperately needed NOW?

Sholder is a perfect fit for creating the safe, welcoming container where one can relax enough to access their “hows” of fulfillment.  Sholder offers a process through which participants (Sharers) can reveal, reflect, and re-frame their life story supported  1 on 1 by a trained facilitator (a “Sholder”) who assists the Sharer’s ability to tap their inner wisdom, experience insights, shift their perspective of what’s possible, and take action.  Shoulder is the next evolution of self-growth/self-empowerment systems because Sharer’s are seen and heard from a place of already being perfect, there’s just more to be revealed. No judgment, no fitting into a pre-defined system of what fulfillment should look like.

Futurist Buckminster Fuller foresaw a time when all of humanity would connect 1 to 1, beyond the scope of governments or country borders, creating a world that works for 100% of the population.  He called this concept “convergence”.  Shoulder has the potential to authentically make this vision a reality.

Through Sholder, people are intentionally connecting with curiosity, self-knowledge, empowerment, and letting love win.  Sholder has the capacity to touch billions of lives as it grows through strong ties of real relationship.  When you are in the presence of another who is truly present to you, where you are seen and heard, there is no mistaking it.  Shoulder’s time is NOW.

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