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Spend time with a skilled Sholder to turn up the volume of your inner wisdom, power, and peace.

I need a Sholder

Sholder offers you a safe and confidential space to reconnect with your inner wisdom and resilience.

I want to support my team

With confidential, one-to-one emotional support, we help your employees navigate the challenges of high-stress industries, reduce burnout, and become more resilient.

I want to offer Sholder to my clients

Are you a progressive benefits broker? Bring an innovative solution to your clients that reignites the human spirit in their workforce.

Sholder (shōl’dər)

(1) a shortened version of the word Spaceholder™;

(2) a person trained to help you process your emotions, evolve your perspectives, and tap your inner wisdom for almost any situation

Therapeutic connection doesn't have to mean clinical therapy . . .

We believe the big answers for every human life are found inside that person, and we are building a highly skilled community to prove it.

While licensed mental health providers are very important when there is a medical need, most people who need support in navigating life’s ups and downs don’t require a clinical level of care.

Our Sholders are expert trained, high-affinity relationships for mental and emotional support, empowerment, and confidential navigation of life events — without judgment, diagnosing, or the tracking of any personal details.

Our Sholders are trained in specific core skills:

How it works

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enjoy the benefits of an emotionally supported team

How it feels

We reserve a percentage of seats in our trainings for organizational leaders and managers who are seeking to understand our work and gain skills to elevate their team culture and the lives of those they serve.

Interested in becoming a Sholder?

Do you have a deep desire to help others? Are you interested in mental health, social work, life coaching, or other forms of mind/body healing?

Get trained as a Sholder to earn a part-time income while making a real difference in the world.