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Spend time with a skilled Sholder to turn up the volume of your inner wisdom, power, and peace.

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Sholder (shōl’dər)

(1) A shortened version of the word spaceholder 

(2) A person trained to help you process your emotions, evolve your perspectives, and tap into your inner wisdom

Prepare for the unexpected:
You, like never before

We believe every answer for your life is already inside of you, and we are building a highly skilled community and one-of-a-kind platform to prove it.

Our skilled Sholders offer confidential transformational conversations without judgment, advice-giving, diagnosing, or the subtle power dynamics sometimes present with a medical clinician.

Sholders are Spaceholders™ trained in specific relational skills:

How it works


with a qualified Sholder


and confidentially explore your stories


in connection to your inner wisdom

How it feels

"This training is really well done and I highly recommend it for anyone. I hope they put together some type of training that teaches the skills even if people don't want to move forward on the platform. It was honestly one of the best skills trainings I've ever taken and the fact that participants were so diverse made it even more powerful. Thank you, Sholder!"

-Katie B, Senior HR Director, Tech Industry

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Do you have a deep desire to help others? Are you interested in mental health, social work, life coaching, or other forms of mind/body healing?

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