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We are a community of social researchers, clinical scientists, caregivers, humanitarians, and pioneers on a mission to empower all people to observe, heal, and reframe their life stories in ways that lift themselves and others.

We believe every answer for your life is already inside of you. Sometimes, it just takes a special relationship, a safe space, and the right questions to help you tap into your inner wisdom and power for any situation. Sholder is offering a whole new way to think about and approach mental well-being.

A New Paradigm In One-to-One Transformational Support

This is not counseling; we don’t give advice. This is not coaching; we don’t push performance.

This is Sholdering. We listen actively and deeply, ask powerful reflective questions, and use simple, effective tools to help people reconnect with their own inner wisdom in a confidential 50 minute session.

Sholder was founded consciously with deliberate values that
support our purpose of elevating human connection.


Curiosity opens up vast potential, while judgment shuts down other possibilities. These two cannot co-exist, so we choose to stay curious.


The real experiences of life happen within the mind of each person. True wisdom begins when we turn our focus inward, seeking to understand ourselves.


There is deep intelligence and power to the life force flowing within us. As we live connected with this, we are empowered to be and do anything.


How we approach and engage with ourselves and with others determines the outcomes we receive. Every connection is worthy of thoughtful intention.


Love has many forms: peace, grace, kindness, joy, forgiveness, and more. It is ever-present and ready to express in every moment. We must simply allow

Sholder Stands on the Shoulders of Luminaries

“Anyone in the community can become a mental wellness provider. This is the most transformative opportunity to reimagine mental wellness in the world today ”

“If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teachers”

“Listening is where love begins. Listening to ourselves and then our neighbors.”


Join us in our movement to restore and elevate human connection.

“With adequate thought in designing the program of care, training, and supervision, anyone in the community with a calling for mental health care can become an effective mental health care provider. To me, this offers the most transformative opportunity to reimagine mental health care around the world.”

Dr. Vikram Patel

Professor of Global Health
Harvard Medical School, 2020


Join us in our movement to restore and elevate human connection.