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The opportunity to make
a real difference

Do you love people and have a desire to see them flourish? Are you drawn to stay curious, patient, and present with people, always seeking deeper understanding and connection?

We are actively welcoming diverse Sholders across all races, ethnicities, cultures, spiritual or religious beliefs, gender identities, sexual preferences, body types, physical abilities, and all other ways people may identify themselves as a unique expression of our human family.

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The Path to
Becoming a Sholder


Participate in and complete a two and a half day Sholder Foundations Workshop.


Hold unpaid sessions and submit a recording for review.


Once your video passes review, you can be booked for paid sessions.

Once Qualified, Earn $30 per 50-minute Session

In our live 2 & 1/2-day Foundations Workshop, you will learn key skills for helping someone process a wide range of thoughts and emotions, evolve perspectives, and tap into inner wisdom for any life situation.

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