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Transformative Support for High-Impact Employees
Help your teams navigate the challenges of high-stress industries, reduce burnout, and ultimately become more resilient.
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Transformative Support for Educators
They pour into our future generations.
We must ensure their cups are full.
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Transformative Support for Municipal Workers
They keep our communities running.
We can’t ask them to run on fumes.
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Transformative Support for Frontline Workers
They show patience and care in their patient care.
It’s time we care for them.
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Transformative Support for Service Workers
When your staff feel seen and heard,
your customers will too.
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Transformative Support for Non-Profit Workers
Empower those who give their all because
every hero needs a Sholder to lean on.
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Reignite the human spirit in your emotional labor workforce.

Emotional Labor n. 1. the active regulation of one’s natural emotional expressions or the management of one’s persona in order to fulfill the requirements of a job.
2. work that takes a invisible emotional or psychological toll, most commonly associated with industries such as education, healthcare, food service, hospitality, retail and customer service, emergency first responders, public sector employees and municipal workers.

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The platform matches and connects users to a live, skilled space holder over video within 24 hrs

Sholder offers skilled emotional support relationships that promote resilience and help your employees thrive.

Humans are far more than just “resources”; they are the very lifeblood and soul of your organization. Just as agriculture can be extractive or regenerative to the soil and environment, employers have a choice of focusing on maximum value extraction from their workers or investing in a sustainable people culture so that lower friction and higher outputs occur naturally. Sholder is the most cost-effective way to ensure everyone on your team has someone confidential, skilled, and highly relatable for transformative mental and emotional support.

Program benefits:

The Bottom Line

75% of American workers are experiencing some degree of burnout

$125-190B employees experiencing burnout cost $3,400 out of every $10,000 in salary

$4,500 monthly cost per employee of presenteeism due to depression

20-27%more burnout symptoms are experienced by women and people under 30

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