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Innovative Offerings for Your Employers

Workplace mental health is calling for something more accessible and cost effective. Help your clients answer the call.

When our employers win, we all win.

Sholder offers broker discounts or commissions, rewarding forward-thinking partners who prioritize mental health innovation for their clients.

The Bottom Line

89% of American workers experienced burnout in the past year

$51 Billion annual cost of depression for U.S. companies, due to absences & lost productivity

$3,400 out of every $10,000 in salary is wasted when employees are burned out

Over 75% of employees who need support don’t have a clinical mental health need

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We match and connect users to a live, skilled Spaceholder™ or Sholder™ within 24 hrs.

Tens of millions of workers struggle with mental health.

By partnering with Sholder, your clients receive a cutting-edge solution that transcends most common barriers to care.

In a world where the barriers to mental health support are as formidable as they are pervasive, Sholder provides an on-demand, cost-effective mental health platform with a new kind of emotional support professional to fill the gap between traditional therapy and self help. Sholder helps reduce costs associated with poor mental & emotional health in the workplace.

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Access Without the Wait


In a mental health landscape where the national average wait for a therapist is an agonizing 48 days, Sholder offers immediate, on-demand support, so employees don’t have to wait when they need help the most.

Universally Affordable


The average hourly price for a therapist in the U.S. is a staggering $182.  Sholder can serve teams of all sizes, covering over 75% of needs that arise while reducing the high costs of poor mental and emotional health in your client’s workforce.

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Dissolving the Stigmas


Cultural conditioning, personal pride, and fear of medical records prevent many from speaking with a mental health clinician.  A Sholder provides a high-affinity, organic relationship with full confidentiality, proactive check-ins, and a high level of outcome-verified skills.

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Empowering Employers


Sholder’s primary focus is serving employers who recognize the profound impact of mental health on their bottom line.  By partnering with us, you’ll empower employers to reduce the soaring costs associated with poor mental health and burnout in their workforce.