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Sholder for Education

Sholder provides access to high-affinity skilled providers for every employee in educational organizations at a radically affordable rate.

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K-12 teachers are the #1 most burned out profession in The United States

Teachers in the U.S. are 40% more likely to experience symptoms of anxiety in comparison with healthcare workers, 20% more likely than office workers, and 30% more likely than other occupations such as military, farming, and legal professions. [source: AERA]

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44% teachers in K-12 school report often or always feeling burnout

50%+ teachers say they will leave teaching sooner than originally planned

500,000 fewer educators in the American public school systems post-pandemic

43% public school teaching vacancies in early 2022 going unfilled

30% teachers found to be chronically absent

Enriching those who enrich our community

We understand the unique challenges you face. Sholder is here to provide the support you deserve beyond the classroom. Discover how we empower teachers to thrive with a confidential, judgment-free space to recharge, reflect, and regain balance.

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Teachers need more than EAPs or traditional medical mental health solutions

Learn why by reading the white paper titled “Why Non-Clinical is Now Critical: The Case for Non-Clinical Emotional Support Benefits in High Emotional Labor Workforces”